Workout 5 times per week

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On of my goals is to workout 5 times per week. For 4 of those days I will be lifting weights and for all 5 I will be running for at least 20-3o minutes per day on the treadmill. The reason for working out everyday is to condition my body for stressful situations. OK OK OK, the other reason is to turn people’s heads when I walk into a room. It’s OK to do both, right?

Fear is a physical response to anything in life. It’s a response of the nervous system (the good ol’ fight or flight automated response wired into our minds and bodies) that tells you to either get stressed out or to go ahead and dominate the challenge ahead with open arms. If we train and condition our bodies everyday and incorporate all the other parts of the 60 day challenge, I think you’re going to soon be feeling and looking better than you ever have in your life. Some of you might be saying, dude, I already hit the gym 5 days per week. That’s Good! You already have a head start on the rest of us. For most of us though, we haven’t incorporated this into our weekly/daily routines so it’s going to be something new. I know there’s some of you out there that started some sort of workout regiment than gave up a few days, weeks, or even months into it. Why did you quit you may be wondering? Well, the reason you started working out simply wasn’t strong enough to turn your “should” into a “must”. That’s right, there’s tons of things we should do, but we only end up doing the things we tell ourselves we must do. For me conditioning my body to deal with life stresses and also to turn peoples heads and make them think, “damn, that guy is ripped” or “damn, that guy must be on steroids” is plenty of motivation for me to get my ass to the gym and lift hard everyday. Science has proven that workout out instantly changes your physiology and changes your brain chemistry because your brain is releasing endorphins during a workout. Pretty cool, right? What better way to start the morning than with a gigantic workout that gets you physically prepared for the day and the challenges ahead. If you’ve been working out for a long time, please send me the reasons you workout here. I want to share with readers success stories to give them an idea of what their motivation should be for working out every week!

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