Reading 2 books per week

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Usually when people write books, it takes them a few years and they are writing about stuff they’ve experienced and learned for 10+ years. Imagine being able to get 20 years worth of insights (2 books times 10 years experience = 20 years) in just one week! Imagine doing this every week for the rest of your life. Basically you’ll be reading 104 books per years which is equal to over 1,000 years of insights according to our formula, each and every year. One of my mentors Tony Robbins said that he read close to 700 books in a 7 year period and he now runs a company that does over $500 million in sales each year and the man came from nothing. I’m not saying that reading 100 books per year is going to make you millions of dollars, I’m just saying that most of the successful people in America read consistently and deeply. There’s been tons of articles published on the habits of successful people and every single time reading is one of their habits. You can literally go type “habits of successful people” right now into Google and you’ll see that every article mentions reading, seriously, go Google it right now!

Life is about growing. The old saying goes, if you’re not growing you’re dying. This is true on so many levels and if reading is a part of your daily regimen, that means you are consistently growing. Now if you want to maximize the effects and potential reading books unlocks, than you not only need to read what’s written in these books but apply what you learn in these books to your life. I know what some of you are saying right now…”but how can I apply what I learned in the book Twilight?!”. There are lessons of principles in almost every good book or movie that’s written, but I’m talking about throwing some books in to the mix that are going to sharpen your skills. For every fictional book I read, I try to read at least 3 non-fiction books. Non-fiction books pack the most value into them but I’m definitely not against getting lost in a good fictional book. I’m just saying that if you’re reading, why not learn something? If you want to do more for growing your business, pick up a marketing book! Same goes for sales, relationships, fitness, the list goes on! We have a business owner ( who submitted a story to us about how in one year they read 50 books about business and he was able to increase his business by over 40% in one year! How did he do it? He applied everything he learned about lead to sales conversions, closing more sales, selling more products per transaction, effectively marketing himself online, etc. Out of all the habits I’m trying to form with my 60 day challenge, reading has been one of the most significant and noticeable differences. Exercising has definitely improved the amount of energy I have ten fold but reading has given me an increased advantage when it comes to mental energy. When you start applying all of these habits in the 60 day challenge you start to see cataclysmic change that I can now vouch for. If you have an experience where reading has changed your life, please share it with me here.

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