60 Day Challenge

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I’m going to break down the actual challenge in this post here and will go into great detail about why each one is important in future posts. Basically the goal of this challenge is to get into great habits that are going to change our lives. We want to be at an 8 out of 10 when it comes to excitement, passion, love, curiosity, and energy, every day of our lives and never drop below that number. We also want to feed our mind great and useful information every single day. Think about watching the depressing news, TV shows, movies, and any other crap that you do not benefit everyday. Now imagine instead of watching these things you were listening to an audio book, listening to a seminar, writing a book, or anything else productive that’s going to help you learn and grow as a person. Do you workout 5 times per week consistently? Fear is actually a nervous system response so if your body is conditioned and strong, your response to situations is going to be completely different. The food and drinks we put into our body also has a direct correlation with how we live our lives. Imagine fueling up on healthy vegetables, lean proteins, lots of water, and eliminating all the garbage like saturated fats, sugars, and everything else that clogs your system. We’ll go into this in a lot more depth but for right now it’s pretty easy to see the differences here. Writing own your goals everyday has been proven very effective in achieving them much quicker than just keeping them store up in your head. There’s been numerous tests done and when you write these goals down it allows your brain to take a much quicker path in achieving them so this is highly valuable and important. The 60 day challenge includes:

  1. writing down your goals every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to sleep
  2. eating 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up, including tons of vegetables, green drinks, water, and healthy foods
  3. exercising 5 times per week, with at least 20 minutes of cardio included plus weight lifting ideally
  4. reading 2 books per week (sounds like a lot but it’s really easy with the methods that we’ll teach you)
  5. using the “rapid planning method” to plan out your day to the minute for maximum effectiveness
  6. developing a morning routine that puts you in a peak mental state with an emphasis on gratitude (replacing your expectations with appreciation will completely change your life

This is the 60 day challenge in a nutshell. If this sounds overwhelming, I assure you it’s not. It’s simply re-wiring your brain to get in a habit of these things, and if you do your life will be forever changed and you will find success. If you have any questions about the challenge please contact us here. If you’d like to learn more about us, please click here.

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